Southwest Florida Fall Fishing

September -Mid November offers some of the best fishing opportunities in our area.  Fishing pressure is at it’s lowest and the fish are coming off a hot summer and ready to feed.  The amount of bait that is in the back country and on the beach is staggering.
Tarpon of all sizes happily feed along side Snook and Redfish and are often as they converge on these large bait balls.

Toward the end of October a large migration of Bonita move into out area.  These 10-15lb little tuna can be caught within a mile of our beaches.  They commonly Blits on the surface pushing all of the bait to the surface and then mayhem proceeds.  A well placed fly or jig or results in a blistering run that will leave you standing in awe of there sheer power.  Other species that feed in the same bait balls as Bonita are Sharks, Tarpon, Spanish Mackerel and Kingfish.  Check out this clip of Bonita feeding!